MEDIA PMG - PUBLICATION DIVISION is responsible for the production of various publications. Panorama newspaper is distributed weekly in more than 40 states in the U.S. and over 20 countries throughout the world. Highlights include politics, culture, leisure, business, law, health and medicine, and entertainment. Friday- Express is also a weekly newspaper that is distributed mostly throughout the West Coast. Its focus is on political news, community and cultural events, and Hollywood entertainment. The Los Angeles Times Sunday issue is also part of the Panorama and Friday Express subscriptions. Finally, PMG circulates the Russian Yellow Pages among thousands of homes and businesses throughout California. PMG – ONLINE DIVISION consists of two main groups: Online Services ( and Online Publications ( and provides its services to the higher satisfaction to customers when it comes to being informed on the latest cultural events in Southern California. Our online ticket web site includes schedules, reviews, and venue seating charts. makes concerts, sports, and theater tickets available online 24/7 through our guaranteed fast, safe and secure online ticketing service. Web versions of a printed periodical Panorama, Friday-Express and Russian Yellow Pages create more opportunities for  advertisers and significantly increase readership due to the fact that electronic newspapers are supplementing hard-copy printed publications. PMG successfully distribute electronic-ink versions of its newspapers to the subscribers.
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