ADVERTISE It is well known that today's ethnic media sector is expanding with astounding force and resilience. According to the 2010 Census, the immigrant community represents about 54% of California population and an increasing percentage of the country. They rely on ethnic newspapers, magazines, television, radio stations, and online media for their information. PMG can help you reach the Russian community through its various outlets. Panorama Media Group holds a unique position by providing radio, TV and publishing newspapers that reach the Russian-speaking population. We are talking about more than 650,000 Russian- speaking residents that live in Southern California only, and the number is growing every year. Working with our company will give you the chance to reach the Russian-speaking residents of Southern California with your products and services. If you would like to promote your business, or advertise through sponsorship for certain sporting or cultural events, Panorama Media Group will be more than happy to assist you by placing ads in its newspapers, radio and TV programs. Our advertising prices per spot are highly competitive. To find out more information about this please refer to our pricing information. If you have specific questions regarding advertising please contact our marketing department.
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